Iraq and Iran sign Protocol for cooperation
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Thread: Iraq and Iran sign Protocol for cooperation

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    Iraq and Iran sign Protocol for cooperation

    Iraq and Iran sign Protocol for cooperation

    Economy Since 2016-02-17 at 13:35 (GMT)

    Baghdad-the balance news

    Trade Minister Mohammed sheyaa agency with the Iranian side, a protocol for trade and economic cooperation between the two countries, especially in the area of secure oil material in favour of ration card vocabulary.

    Sudan said during a joint press conference with his Iranian counterpart and attended grace/balance of news, "the meeting included strengthening bilateral relations and strategy between the two countries and an agreement on opening the prospects for trade and economic cooperation and securing Iraq's ration card items especially edible oil material".

    He said, he "exchanged views on cooperation in other areas and set up joint projects, especially in the field of reconstruction and rehabilitation of supermarkets and stores walsailwat Ministry of trade".

    He stressed, "the trade protocol will be a positive impact on the economy of the two neighboring countries, stressing Iraq's keenness to establish better relations with neighboring countries, especially the Islamic Republic of Iran", pointing out that "Iraq and Iran have distinguished relations in many fields."

    And between "the Commerce Department has a broad work sector particularly in the areas of investment and development of economic relations with regional countries and the world and is located on its own secure ration card vocabulary to the Iraqi people," pointing out that "the Ministry sought to overcome all constraints associated with processing contracts and worked on a new approach to medium-term and long-term".

    He noted that "the Ministry within the State to support the private sector worked in partnership creation and rehabilitation of some factories to ensure eligibility for domestic product ration vocabulary, as well as contracting with factories as vegetable oils and sugar Labs where sugar is locked entirely local product.

    "The Ministry of Commerce imported annually 400 tons of oil for distribution to citizens within a ration card and seek to secure this article through outsourcing with known origins, especially from Iran and Egypt and Ukraine due to the reluctance of wenkol some companies contracted by the Ministry with it already and are companies from Turkey, the United Arab Emirates, Australia and Lebanon and was placed on a blacklist for depriving them of hiring any future Ministry", adding that "the agreement with the Iranian side which will ensure the limits of 10,000 tons of This article is for Iraq. "

    The meeting also discussed cooperation in trade and economic fields, especially in trade in construction materials and support national industry, "adding that" there is a mechanism for cooperation to assist the Ministry in rehabilitating Companies central markets and stores of the Ministry walsailwat. finished 29/4 e
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