Now put the CBI lines of monetary policy path for five years was launched strategic plan for the years 2016-2020, the ceremony opened with the presence of high-level representatives in the person of the President of the Iraqi Parliament and a gathering of concerned in banking, they need to see their future Central.
Characterized by a strategy clearly and transparently display visualizations based on the Central Bank in dealing with the economic situation as a whole, since that money is the engine for each economic event since the money houses participated in the launch ceremony means it's aware of all the requirements out of the financial crisis the abhorrent, so cleared the central responsibility for stalemate there clearly stratigith.
Then there is a real need to clarify the nature of the relationship with stakeholders to implement this strategy, it is essential that groping involved with direct relationship and they are an arm of the Central Bank and the banking sector a task. You want to dismantle this strategy in accordance with the roles required of all arms on to ensure the success of this strategic objectives required in achieving financial stability, meaning that the entire banking sector response whether your awalhakomi to hedge and determine the effects of the crisis. the premier challenge facing this strategy lies in the gap in modern technology and the adoption of international standards in banking transactions between private and Government where the Government sector remained late in the introduction of technology. This challenge requires the first legislation unlink banks Finance Ministry and linked to Central and then restructured to be bound by its laws, instructions and then privatized and thus implement strategy smoothly.
Therefore, we stress the importance of attention to expert calls need coherence of monetary and fiscal policies in order to address the crisis effectively so you can achieve financial stability in economic stability.