Iraq called the introduction of electronic queries
On: Tuesday 13/03/2012 18:02

Baghdad: Naseer Ahmed inaugurated the Minister of Planning Dr. Yusuf Ali Shukri, Electronic Information in the Ministry of Planning and the presence of the governor of Baghdad, Dr. Salah Abdul Razzaq. Said Shukri during the ceremony in a speech, "The opening of queries electronic is part of the effort the ministry, which seeks to mechanize the work in." He added, "We launched before the first phase of the project the ministry e-where is the Ministry of Planning first running the ministry of electronic and today we began queries electronic and in collaboration with the Governorate of Baghdad that were supporting us in the implementation of this project, "adding," The work undertaken by the ministry is too late for developed countries and advanced to the ministries and other institutions, "adding that authorities will find all the facilities and comfort when reviewing the Ministry of Planning, stressing" The purpose other than the establishment of this project is to prevent contact references the employee where to find the references of all means to facilitate his work at the same time the employee does not find anything to hinder his work shall be far away from him references and this makes it easier to work and thus eliminate many outlets may occur to speak of this or that. "

The minister noted that the ports of corruption may be dried in the Ministry of Planning and one after the other and that the identity of the classification of contractors that have been talked about that there are the sources of corruption today involving nine points with the Ministry of Planning in issuing identity of the classification of contractors explaining that the queries e given the importance the largest for the classification of contractors where no contractor is allowed to get to the department concerned as get a number and not contact him so that no connection exists between the contractor and the Committee on the classification of contractors or the person who delivers the identity.

the other hand, the Minister of Planning on the draft card standard, saying, actually, "The card project standard was presented to the Economic Committee in the Council of Ministers, which was based on the report of the Technical Committee, will be this year, the first phase of this project and allocate $ 200 million indicating that the government is serious in this project has been announced and we are waiting for offers from specialized companies adding that there was a notion that is to construct a plant to be issued and that the first phase included a contract to issue (5) million cards in 2012 where the delayed establishment of this plant because the world is constantly evolving and that there are new technologies, "adding that" the cost of the project total approximately 600 million dollars and based on the report submitted by the technical committee that the need this year is $ 200 million has been allocated this amount and included budget 2012 and therefore, the government is serious about this project.

For his part, Governor of Baghdad, Dr. Salah Abdul Razzaq, during the ceremony, "The service that Our circles of state or community executive of the citizen is the completion of transactions smoothly and easily, including queries that completed the treatment and maintain the dignity of the citizen and provide a means of comfort and this is what we started him in the office of the province of Baghdad two years ago, "he continued: When you visited us and Planning Minister impressed in queries the province and request similar in the Ministry of Planning and we welcomed it as the Advisory Office in the province and the technical office to implement this project, stressing ready Mahafezhaly implementation of such a project in the ministries and all executive departments in order to raise the suffering of the citizens at government offices where they were to address the parties have presented to the community (Nationality and Civil Status and General Commission for Taxes and Real Estate Registration and Notary) mused that there is a response and the allocation of a place to implement this project in these districts, which will be service to the citizen and we have seen reactions many positive around him, pointing out that the project offers the convenience of the citizen during the review and as well as prevent extortion and bribery and corruption, where every citizen takes the figure for its electronic device that is far from human intervention and, when complete treatment can take them easily and was ready to be contacted and this is a manifestation of civilization for the completion of the transaction and on the role of conservation in the completion the project, said Abdul Alraezag

"The preservation of the project design and then implementation and supervision of all of its agencies and what has been outfitted for this project, noting that the province was willing to fund the project, but Planning Minister insisted that the budget of the ministry and he said, adding," The project took its implementation ( 50) days at a cost of (124) million dinars, and believing that this amount is not a large amount to the ministries, but easy to work for the Board of ministries and provide services to them and speed up the completion of their transactions.