Parliament Minutes 16 February 2016
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    Parliament Minutes 16 February 2016

    House of Representatives finish reading two bills and watching the performance of the media and communications

    House of Representatives voted at its eighth ordinary of the second legislative term legislative second and enacted, headed by Dr. Salim al-President of the Council and in the presence of 264 deputies on Tuesday, 02/16/2016, in principle, to proceed with the legislation of the first draft amendment to the Law of Property Claims Commission Act and ended the read and discuss the final accounts for 2007, while the President of the media and communications hosted in response to parliamentary questions.

    At the outset of the meeting, Mr. President of the Council announced Questions oral made ​​by the ladies and gentlemen of Representatives scheduling, where will include a session on Thursday a parliamentary question submitted by MP Amin Bakr, MP Hanan al to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs as well as a question submitted by a number of deputies of the prime minister's office.

    President al-Jubouri, and pointed out that the application submitted by MP Najiba Najib and your question about the peasants dues will be put at a hearing next Monday while will ask a question of MP Sadiq messenger for the oil ministry regards tenders meter warehouse and a question from an MP Hanan al of the Ministry of Higher Education in the coming sessions.

    On the other hand, Mr. Speaker stressed the importance of commitment to the committees submit the terms of legislation the legal purpose resolved and voted on, pointing to the existence of 12 bill in the Human Rights Commission and 8 bills in the Oil and Energy Committee , and four bills in the Justice and Accountability Commission four bills in Displacement Committee and three draft laws to the women's Committee and three bills in the Labour and social Affairs and 15 bill to the Foreign relations Committee.

    Mr. Jubouri He pointed out that the laws that it is necessary to speed up the vote in the Health and Environment Committee 10 draft laws and the Committee of Tourism and Antiquities, one bill and 15 bill in the services, construction and 6 bills in the Higher Education Commission and the draft law of the Education Committee and 5 bills in committee affairs religious and 22 bill with the security and defense committee and 12 bill in the Committee on the economy and 12 bill to the Committee of the regions and 24 bill to the Finance Committee and 68 bill in the legal Committee and 8 bills with the Committee on culture, media and bill the committee members of the affairs of the two bills in committee institutions civil society.

    Council postponed the vote on the draft to encourage doctors and anesthesia provided by law for the Health and Environment Committee at the request submitted by the relevant committee.

    The Presidency has decided to postpone the vote on the draft regulation on human organ transplant law and prevent trafficking and submitted by the committees of health and the environment and Awqaf and Religious Affairs.

    The council also postponed a vote on the draft Code of Military Criminal Procedure and submitted by the committees, defense and legal security bill at the request of the competent committees to session next Monday.

    The Council voted in principle to proceed with the legislation of the first draft amendment to the Law of Property Claims Commission Law No. (13) for the year 2010 after ending the first reading of the law submitted by the legal committees and displaced and deportees and expatriates for the purpose of solving Property Claims Commission as as one of the transitional justice institutions and the transfer of rights and obligations, assets and affiliates to The Ministry of Finance and the assignment of cases covered by the provisions of law to the judiciary by the public mandate.

    And advanced MP Hanan al asking nonverbal Mr. Safa al-Din spring head of the CMC agency during his attendance at the meeting regarding the nature take advantage of hiring international auditors for decades licenses for mobile phone companies.

    In response to a question, Mr. President of the Media and Communications expressed his thanks to Mr. Speaker, ladies and gentlemen MPs hosted by the Council, referring to the Media Commission held five meetings with the relevant committees in the House of Representatives, pointing to the body to contract with private companies checking accounts related companies mobile phone since 2007 until 2013 and achieved a body on the track financial returns up to $ 320 million also been extended audit contract for the five years ending in 2017 that the reports are sent to the tax.

    In comment to the Deputy Fatlawi that the financial implications of the contract with the international audit firms incurred by mobile phone companies and not the Commission made it clear that is to report every three months, noting that the Commission calculated the call on the basis of seconds but has been increasing minute telephone call rate than heavier burden on the citizen, raising of their profits.

    In turn, Mr. Spring said that the reports be submitted every three months and are at the end of each year to get the body's share of the profits, noting that the Commission calculated the calls in seconds instead of minutes, although there are objections to that by it, alluding to the presence of affected classes of the cost of calls especially Almklmat shorter duration.

    It inquired MP Hanan al for the standard adopted by the TRA launched the third generation of mobile phone companies.

    And between Mr. Safa al-Din spring that the delay not to launch a third Algilp were logical reasons, especially now that the third generation to deal with the speed of data pointing to the existence of three companies and three frequencies, where it was raised to the Cabinet decision was taken in this regard.

    Fatlawi MP also wondered about the reasons behind the body contracted with foreign mobile phone companies and not to give the Ministry of Communications the right to operate a mobile phone based on the Cabinet decision.

    Mr. Chairman of the media and communications, and stressed that the third generation frequencies so advanced that was left in the second generation package any part of the Ministry of Communications and can not be granted the ministry the third generation frequencies they lacked the necessary potential.

    For its part, announced MP Hanan al its intention to interrogate Mr. Prime Media and Communications Commission in the House of Representatives, especially the responses to parliamentary questions were not convincing.

    On the other hand, in order to read the board's report and discuss the draft law on ratification documents Bucharest Conference on the Law for the year 2004 attached to Universal Postal Convention and submitted by the committees of foreign financial relations at their request to the first of the next session in March.

    The Board did read the report and discuss the final accounts of the Republic of Iraq in 2007 and sponsored by the Finance Committee.

    In the interventions of the ladies and gentlemen of Representatives MP Ahmed al-Jubouri called on the government and authorities concerned to comply with the final offer young women each year.

    He MP Ammar Tohme said the report did not include auditing financial transactions to the Kurdistan region and is not mentioned the use of excess oil by the government.

    Inquired MP Abbas al-Bayati on the feasibility of providing the final accounts for 2007 after nearly six years on the passage of the budget.

    The MP Riad Ghraib that the final accounts for 2007 are incomplete as stated in the report of the Committee due to lack of supply in some quarters of the accounts of expenditure and Houma incompatible with the issue of ratification.

    In turn, the MP Najiba Najib showed that lack of scrutiny of financial expenses for the Kurdistan region dates back to the province's commitment to the Constitution in the absence of a legal text indicates that the Office of Financial Supervision federal as well as the presence of the Office of Financial Supervision in the region, reporting to the Parliament of Kurdistan.

    The MP stressed Sunrise Alabegi the importance compared to the report on the final accounts with the law of financial management and public debt, citing the need to take the House of Representatives a resolution procedures include aspects of criminal abide by the concerned authorities in the event of a defect in the final accounts.

    MP Furat al-Tamimi necessity of coupling the budget law legislation to provide the final accounts.

    He called MP Mohammad Naji not to ratify the final accounts without addressing irregularities in the financial expenses of some quarters.

    In its reply to the interventions, the Committee on stressed that the investigation into some financial issues, including the final accounts of the jurisdiction of the Integrity Commission, noting that the Office of Financial Supervision illustrates a statement legality of the act and the extent of the health behaviors, especially that have a significant impact on financial transactions, indicating that the circuit that I mentioned in report of the final accounts for the year 2007, compel it to submit their final accounts in 2008.

    The Committee indicated that the BSA was not able to check the special province of Kurdistan financial transactions, noting that the Court committed the province need to release assigned to him and within a time period of financial transactions for approval, pointing out the importance of identifying the House Financial irregularities to move Bhranh final accounts that are identified timeframe to bring the concerned parties.

    Then decide to adjourn the meeting on Thursday, 02/18/2016.

    The information department
    Iraqi Council of Representatives

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