Central Bank: the public retains 85 percent of the money in circulation in the market
February 16, 2016

The Iraqi Central Bank, said Tuesday that 85% of the money in circulation in the market is to the public, and noted that State banks accounting for most of the financial reserves of the deposits of the public, the Ministry of Finance refused to increase benefits.

The Director General of the Directorate and in Central Bank coffers Ihsan HostMonster told News Agency obtained our economy that today trades in the market of Iraqi currency reached 38 trillion dinars, of which 85% among the general public and 15% in the banking system ", stating that" the funds of the public portion of trading and other chunky. "

Hostmonster, added that "the Central Bank is trying to encourage the public by luring him with certain tools such as issuing bonds and remittances even gets the dinar from the public that depends on the Ministry of finance, which owns the largest banks that acquires greater financial reserves of the deposits of the public which must convince the public giving high interest but this increase rejected recent."

Hostmonster, confirmed that "the Bank thinks the lure the audience to pull the dinar by putting the interest of 15% of national financial bonds the Ministry of finance, however, hesitant and not enthusiastic," pointing out that Iraq should reflect phase and to respond to financial pressure bank issuing bonds to solve the problem. "