Integrity: Baqir al-Zubaidi pay the Ministry of Construction Building name his cousin and cause the ministry $ 11 million loss

February 15, 2016 16:00

Integrity: Baqir al-Zubaidi wage a building of the Ministry of Construction as the cousin and cause the ministry at a loss of $ 11 million
BAGHDAD - Baghdad News .. Integrity Commission filed an appeal discriminatory, in front of the judge competent investigation of integrity issues Court, it challenged the earlier court decision concerning irregularities concluded between the Ministry of Construction and Housing, a group of companies Jawad Al-Kassab decade, by taking over the reins of Bayan Jabr ministry.
According to the text of the document obtained by Baghdadi News, that "Bayan Jabr has rented out the National Center for Engineering Consultancy of the Ministry of Construction and Housing building to a group Jawad Al-Kassab company."
She added that "the lease agreement between the Ministry of Construction and Housing and the private Jawad Al-Kassab company leased the National Center building for a period of twenty years, was contrary to the law of sale and lease of state property No. (31) for the year 2013 Article (3) thereof, as the measures bidding has secretly It was not in public, for the purpose of anchoring the butcher to bid on the company, as evidenced by the presence of complicity and lack of transparency in the contract measures. "
She continued, "The report of the financial control number (1/1/7906 to 4/24/2014) and Annex securities investigative did not refer to determine the irregularities in the contract at issue, but rather eating checking on the subsequent contract between the Trade Bank of Iraq, the Ministry of Construction, after Jawad Al-Kassab concession companies for the benefit of the right of the Iraqi trade Bank in exchange for a sum of ten million dollars. "
She said the document, that "Alakdbchigh action that has caused serious harm with state funds by giving exaggerated concessions the company the butcher, and the receipt of $ (9680000) dollars from the regressive value of the right to benefit the Iraqi Bank of Commerce, and without doing its contractual obligations through the reconstruction and rehabilitation of the Center Building National Engineering Consultancy ".
They pointed out that "the lease agreement between the Ministry of Construction and the National Center Bank Aeraig trade in the field (fourth item / General Provisions) of paragraph (2) states (not entitled to the second party of the decade Trade Bank of Iraq claim any sum of the amounts paid to the group Jawad Al-Kassab companies at the end of the lease or dissolution for whatever reason), "Mrdvh saying" as this paragraph indicates that there is pre-faith and collusion, and the Ministry of Construction to defend the financial interests of the group butcher, the trade Bank of Iraq account. "
The document, "The court did not verify the existence of kinship between Bayan Jabr, Minister of Construction and Housing and former Jawad Al-Kassab, also came copywriters Prime Minister's Office a number (m t n / d 2 / Q / 14/73 on 01/23/2014) , in which he came to refer the matter to the integrity Commission for the fact that contracting procedures include violations of the measures of public funds by leasing and ask about al-Zubaidi, where hard information that Jawad Al-Kassab and his brother Ahmad Baqir al-Zubaidi two free children. "
She pointed out that "there is a financial rounds of the United States of certain amounts have been converted from the butcher and his companies to Mohammed and Zaid Al-Zubaidi children."