Sulaiti: Basra need 2 trillion to complete the remaining projects

2016-02-16 07:02:08 | (Voice of Iraq) - Basra

Chairman of the Securities and Exchange Commission and the follow-up assignments in the Basra Provincial Council Ahmed al-Sulaiti, said that the province needs more than 2 trillion dinars to complete the implementation of the remaining projects in the province.

Sulaiti said in a statement that he is supposed yet to allocate at least 1000 billion of Basra within the entitlement to complete those projects.

Sulaiti between the 2016 budget was calculated to Basra, only 1043 billion of the proceeds from the petro-dollar, according to the calculation (one dollar for every barrel).

However, he noted that he is also waiting for Basra and other allocations of funds development of the regions budget for a total amount of about 1,400 billion, as well as what is allocated to Basra from the ministries.

Sulaiti concluded by saying that "the State is unable to carry out the investment budget as working to secure the operating budget and the salaries of public employees because of the financial crisis, which reflects negatively on the reality of the assignments."