Economic parliamentary: Customs activation and raise tax revenue measures

2/16/2016 0:00

BAGHDAD - morning
Confirmed member of the Committee of Economy and Investment parliamentary Najiba Najib that the measures recently taken by the government to activate the tariff, which will come good financial Bmrdodat.
Najib said in a press statement: «permit a sharp drop in oil prices has caused a lack of state revenue due to the state's dependence on oil», pointing out that «it is necessary to go to the non-oil sectors, but they are not required at present level».
She added that «non-oil revenues in 2013 and 2014 accounted for 5 percent to 7 percent of imports, indicating that he« planned in the budget of 2016 to be non-oil revenues ratio of 14 trillion Iraqi dinars through wage taxes and customs met, the committee was formed in the House Minister of activated ».
She noted that «the tariff applied in all the ports have been put points on the areas of entry of goods and levying tariffs that did not meet in the ports, indicating that« among these points points and placed in the province of Kirkuk and Khanaqin in Diyala. »
And saw that »the state to follow a new system to reconsider the tax fee and activate a lot of things that were neglected after it is best to take to activate and update of municipal fees and departments of Health and other measures we get new imports.»