Details technocrat government: 18 ministries and rotate some of the faces veteran

, Confirmed the Shiite parties that the recent National Alliance meeting was stormy, and saw the differences between distinct blocks, including the rule of law, with the prime minister.

And back among the objections within the National Alliance said al-Abadi put reshuffle without being consulted. And it seemed to call for mass westerners more than privately prime, wondering about how to pass the prime minister for his project without ensuring support its mass?

The amendment is expected to lead to a reduction of the number of ministries to 18 ministries, through the integration of four ministries, conversion and two other ministries to independent bodies. It would also include recycling some veteran faces and give other ministries.

The Liberal bloc sticks to the deadline set by the leader of the government, in favor of granting the prime minister the right to appoint the new cabinet to according to professional standards and clear.

But the citizen's bloc insists on its position, which requires the replacement of the prime minister in any reshuffle.

The Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi has revealed, on Thursday (February 11, 2016), he is still awaiting a response from the political blocs on the reshuffle.

It is noteworthy that Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi reiterated, in (the ninth of February 2016), calling for a cabinet reshuffle, "a fundamental and comprehensive" out of national responsibility, while the detection of the completion of the preparation of a plan for reducing its ministries, counting that the government "succeeded in crossing the most difficult stages "during the last term.

Chaired Ibrahim al-Jaafari, Minister of Foreign Affairs, the National Alliance, which was held on Saturday evening meeting, which was attended by the prime minister in addition to Hadi al-Ameri, the Badr bloc leader, and Zia al-Asadi, for the Liberal bloc, and Hussain al-Shahristani, for independent block, Hashem al-Hashemi, for the Virtue Party, as well as to Khodair al, former Vice President of the Republic.

Says a senior leader of the coalition of state law (range), that "the mass of the call, internalized within the coalition of state law, do not know anything about the reforms that purports to Prime Minister presented to the parliament because he did not consult with the amendment intended entered the ministerial his booth."

The leader, who spoke on condition of anonymity, "We have not touched any serious reforms Head of the previous government, including current, and can not be applied in the current period," and wondered saying "Do not Abadi needs to position mass in order to facilitate the passing of new reforms in parliament ?. "

The attention of the leader, who was briefed on the scenes of the National Alliance, which was held on Saturday evening meeting, that "al-Abadi put his paper reform in the National Alliance, which was held recently in order to convince them of the new his project meeting," noting that "the meeting like a lot of problems and disagreements between the coalition blocks of hand Abadi and on the other hand, changing a number of ministers. "

The meeting saw a detailed presentation for the new prime minister, as well as the reforms announced by Sadr. Put the citizen coalition, during the meeting, the project to replace the Judge of all the ministerial cabin including Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, relying on "the political majority to form a new government."

And see the leader of the state law that Hakim project block "is designed to not pass the new Abadi reforms within the National Alliance," attributing it to "trying to block the citizen to maintain its ministers who will change them."

And details of the cabinet reshuffle announced by the Prime Minister recently, a leader of insider says the scenes of the political talks that "the technocrat government to be formed by Abadi is composed of 18 ministries, including the integration of the Ministry of Transport with communications, agriculture and water resources, and the conversion of the Ministry of Youth, Sports and Displacement and Migration to independent bodies. "

The predicted mass of the Prime Minister, that includes the reshuffle, which called him Abadi 0.90% of the current line-up, but stressed that the political blocs awaiting the arrival of a formal request for consideration extensively.

And on the expected change of ministerial faces, leader of the bloc of Prime Minister says "will change the ministers of defense, interior, higher education, reconstruction and housing, and external," adding that "both Hussain al-Shahristani, and Adel Abdul-Mahdi, and Hoshyar Zebari, and Ibrahim al-Jaafari, will be transferred to ministries within the government cabin new. "

The attention of the leader of the Dawa Party, to "the existence of opinion within the National Alliance calls for the granting of Ibrahim al-Jaafari, the presidency of the National Alliance in exchange for leaving the State Department, despite his opposition to such a Muftrah earlier."

The Shiite politician, said that "the National Alliance leaders will complete their meetings during the next few hours in order to reach a solution to the request-Abbadi."

He says the leader of the Dawa Party, said "the meeting of the National Alliance and the effects of reservations problems between the National Alliance and the Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi," expected not to pass these reforms if the survival of these differences as they are within the coalition.

In the meantime, the Liberal bloc confirmed the presence of the parties within the National Alliance has custody of the New Abadi project, but expressed support for granting Abadi right to choose the new minister, according to a professional and objective criteria.

MP says Zalmi Abdul Aziz, he said that "the National Alliance meeting also dealt with the subject of suspension of the religious authority for political speeches and discussed the necessary solutions to the crises experienced by Iraq's security, political and economic Kalthdiat."

Dalimy stresses "the need to Abadi's commitment to reforms put forward by Muqtada al-Sadr, which recorded in 45 days to apply."

In turn, the coalition of citizen that "Abadi says the adoption of a mechanism for evaluating all ministers before embarking on any prospective change of government." The MP Habib Terminal, said that "change ministries convulsive reactions is not true in the construction of a government of technocrats."