Takeda to Mancherth "News": The security plan began on the Arab summit .. and all military units arrived promotive
On: Wednesday 14/03/2012 10:23

Baghdad (news) .. started the security plan for the security of the Arab summit, on Wednesday, which saw the capital, Baghdad, tight security, at a time when the same has reached all the military units that have been withdrawn from some provinces to Baghdad for the night on Tuesday.
this time revealed the source of high-level rank of major general at the Ministry of Defense in an interview earlier (the news) the launch of the plan for the security of the Arab summit Wednesday.
announced Musdrrfaa-level security committee for the summit of Arab started the plan on Wednesday, which confirmed that it will be applied gradually, and on three axes.
source said in statement singled out by the Agency (news) said on Wednesday: The plan started from today and will continue until the first of April next any after the summit two days, where the forces commenced to tighten security measures, Bfas civilian vehicles accurately, also issued a security committee for the summit instructions to all security services, to inspect all processions of officials, without exception, and the arrest of any element of the protection of officials refuse to apply the decision.
The source added: The deployment of troops to the Baghdad Brigade in the vicinity of the Foreign Ministry and the Green Zone and surrounding areas in the region, and the establishment of checkpoints, roving, referring to the that inspection procedures will tighten at all exits from areas of the capital, as well as continue to provide all the points Palmaloma security or numbers of cars that may be booby-trapped or used by terrorists.
said: that the Cats military promotive and reached the capital late Tuesday evening, and will be published gradually, as will increase the number of vehicles and personnel of troops in the capital with near Summit, stressing that the third axis of the plan's honestly Baghdad and the Directorate of Traffic began the day where I started the Municipality of Baghdad to clean the streets of the capital over the (24), while the spread a large number of traffic police to regulate traffic and prevent vehicles from stopping at the main streets or areas of non-dedicated parking.
This has seen the capital since the early morning tight security at the exit areas of the capital, and set up mobile checkpoints, and inspection of all vehicles accurately, while preventing men quartz car stop in sensitive areas or non-dedicated parking.
This has revealed senior military source at the Ministry of Defence, last Sunday (the news) announced the completion of the security plan for the Conference of the Arab Summit, which will begin next Wednesday, adding that the agreement took place between the military leadership and with the consent of the commander of the armed forces of Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki to use Baktat the Iraqi army in some provinces to Baghdad for the surge to the implementation of the plan.
An officer with the rank of major general in the Ministry of Defense declined to be named in the statement singled out by the Agency (news): The security committee charged with preparing a security plan for Conference of the Arab Summit to be held in Baghdad the end of the current, out a plan and will apply with effect from next Wednesday.
He added that the plan will be on the two axes, and backed by the center of a service, which is the first axis to secure the capital, in general, and the second for the guests, where will forces (police, the army) to secure the capital, in addition to the civilian components of intelligence, and this represents the first axis of the plan, while the second axis the private secured the protection of the guest, Vsttoly counter-terrorism force (the band Golden) and the regiments to protect the three presidencies, in addition to the preparation and training of officers for the protection of dignitaries will be in the second axis, where he was granted full power of the forces that will be responsible for the second axis, to avoid the occurrence of any conflict of powers or the administration security, and continued: The axis service Atdhan of the secretariat of Baghdad, which Ststnfr efforts before, during and after the summit to show Baghdad as decent, as well as the continued and continues the work of men Traffic unzip the traffic congestion, and the organization of traffic.
He pointed out: that the agreement took place between the military leaders and security committee for the security of the summit on the withdrawal of some military units (Iraqi Army) of some provinces stable security, which does not need these pieces to Baghdad, after obtaining the approval of the Commander in Chief of the forces Armed Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, adding that the pieces of promotional will arrive in Baghdad on Monday to be published, to start the work plan, which begins next Wednesday, unlikely to occur traffic jams due to the application plan, which he called a "court."
The host Iraq for the Arab summit to be held end of March next and that brings the heads of the kings of the Member States of the Arab League, the international event the largest, organized by the country since 2003, and formed the secretariat of Baghdad, by the way of a committee to create and insurance requirements for the Conference of the Arab summit and to provide insights, ideas, and the preparations necessary to improve and develop the interface construction of the city of Baghdad, commensurate with its history and its place in coordination with ministries and relevant authorities.
and Iraq participated in the Arab summit twenty-second session held in Sirte, Libya late last March, at the level of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, representing Iraq minister, Hoshyar Zebari, and discussed at the summit, the most prominent Arab issues, including the Palestinian issue, and the draft statute of the Parliament Iraq, in the absence of Lebanon to participate at a high level after the announcement of the Lebanese President Michel Suleiman, for lack of personal involvement, against the backdrop of uncertainty surrounding the role of Libya in the case of the disappearance of Imam Musa al-Sadr.
noteworthy that Iraq hosted an Arab summit twice, hold it for the Arab summit ninth in 1978 and decide which which the province of companies and institutions operating in Egypt that deal directly with Israel and not to approve the Camp David, as well as the convening of the summit of the 12 in 1990, which witnessed a severe tensions between Iraq and Kuwait and United Arab Emirates and broke evacuated the first Gulf War. / Finished / 4. for. M /