Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi announced his readiness to resign from his post

Prime Minister: I am not sticking to the job will resign if the change has been fully expanded {}
Posted on 11:47 Mem, February 15, 2016
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Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi announced his readiness to resign from his post if the parties agreed on a full change of government, warning of the outbreak of a new war against the entry of foreign ground troops to Syria
He said al-Abadi in a television interview, "I'm not stick to the job and I am not evading responsibility and if they want to change to be fully ready for it, adding that he" against the manipulation of public funds and some political parties seized on the public street and the sidewalks and her political and economic offices trying to get through it on lots of contracts, We hope the parties law that provides support her within reason so do not try to look for sources of funding offend them. "
"The reforms are not easy but ready to do the tough measures, and I have many objections to the Kurdistan region, and refuse to exchange any point of the budget and I am not prepared to stay in power and to achieve the completion of me regardless of the budget of the province and the injustice of the people of Basra, without having the right to do so."
And "There is no commander has everyone and hear objections must be maintained."
On the popular crowd "we do not want to solve the popular crowd and who does it is not a national popular crowd and put him in the character of the allocations."
He warned of the entry of ground troops to Syria being will create a new war, and warn everyone including Almtoglp Turkish troops in Iraq, and should be out and will not tolerate, and we have measures we take them out, and there is the visit of Turkish Prime Minister soon and there must be the position of Turkey and clear front presence ".anthy