Nassif Abadi ask: Do you give corrupt instrument of fairness and Tdndl feet orders abroad .. or what Aazmila!?

Dated: 02/15/2016 Monday 7:46
Iraq today / special
Deal of political blocs in Iraq with the reform project, sweet tongue a little charity, and argue those blocks "political merits of her" - the share of positions and influence, and thus pejorative "Yabu Zaid Magxit", to continue slogans and lasts miserable reality,
To continue to corrupt officials, in coordination with the bloc against the government's strange .. !! High Nassif MP for the coalition of state law, and found that the "Prime Minister - Haider al-Abadi, a comprehensive and radical government cabin to change, and replace it off with new, and not just a partial change, and not to accept foreign dictates .. keep the other ministers and exclusion," but Atagadr MP Nassif Qadamha us, the threshold tips against the current government headed by al-Abadi that: "the cabinet changes limiting the exclusion of some ministers, retaining others, is wrong is catastrophic, we hope that the Aiga where al-Abadi, maintaining some ministers, will serve to give them an instrument of fairness, despite the presence of files corruption against them, and the Iraqi people will not accept this sort of thing at all, "in the case of saving corrupt officials a political deal, as often happens in the world of Altasian who are stifling the neck of justice in Iraq, deputy state law, warned:" some of the will to keep them in their ministries, Seetmadon more in corruption and theft of public money, they would consider themselves to have received official recognition from the Prime Minister, as having proven their integrity, and in this case will bear Abadi all the consequences that ensue keep them in office, despite their corruption ", as well as the optimal mechanism to change the government cabin, suggested to MP Nassif: "the process of change in government cabin, it should not be the liquidation process, which includes retain this and the dismissal of another, must also be above to proceed change with the wills of some of the seated figures abroad, which seeks to support some of the characters, Foreign Valamlaouat rejected, because question regarding the fate of a country mired in crisis ", and did not skimp MP Ptzkirna- also invaded the side's performance Abadi reformist centrist political team, the prosperity of corruption in the country." corruption is today, unfortunately, exists in most ministries, also present in the joints, it may not have put al-Abadi on the map his changes anticipated .. to the point that there are indications of corruption on the figures in the displaced people and displaced file ", and what it means to provide government cabins Jdidh- sealed placeholders:" there is importance to the coming of the new government cabin, to be a change, a radical and comprehensive, not partial, and this procedure if it happened, It would gain the support and acceptance of the Iraqi people, and enhance the citizen's confidence in their government, and creates a glimmer of hope in the country out of this crisis. "