Fatlawi emphasizes the need for "systemic change" its president and government ministers

Monday, February 15, 2016 - 20:50
Fatlawi emphasizes the need for "systemic change" to the government by its president and ministers
Considered the head of the will of the MP Hanan al Movement, on Monday, a partial change of some ministers that the continuation for "failure" and part of the government's policy to "distraction and anesthesia" to gain time, while stressed the need for "systemic change" to the government by its president and ministers.
She Fatlawi in a statement that "While we believe the seriousness of the current stage and approaching the country from the brink of collapse and increase the suffering of the citizens and their access to the frustration, but as long as who we are, and for a year and a half glitches and weaknesses and failures of this government but the stubbornness of others prevented them from recognizing imbalance" , pointing out that "after everyone arrived today to the same convictions, both political blocs or the Iraqi street, or even observers that this government has failed and did not achieve anything until now, after the recent calls for the prime minister his intention to reshuffle materially and subsequent mixed reactions from political blocs between supporters and opponents. "
She Fatlawi, that "any partial change of some ministers is a continuation of the failure, which commented on the reforms peg is part of the distraction and anesthesia policy practiced by the government to gain time in order to complete the period to the end of the four years," indicating that "either there will be a complete overhaul of the government its president and ministers of the new government and build a new basis of incorrect, and otherwise, any prosthesis solutions will not lead to anything and will remain the case as it is this if not descended for the worst. "
She Fatlawi, that "all the political blocs to be up to the responsibility and deal selflessly to give priority to the interests of Iraq on the narrow partisan interests."