Illegal "general amnesty" and "Federal Court" would be submitted to parliament next Thursday to vote on them (Details)

15-02-2016 04:15 PM

Orbit News -

Legal Committee of Parliament confirmed on Monday that a legal amnesty the Federal Court will be presented next Thursday to the House of Representatives to vote on them, noting that the vote in the House of Representatives will resolve points of contention.

The MP said the committee Salim Chawki in a press statement, said that "a legal amnesty and the Court Federal was reading them read the first and second Aktefia discussion and dialogue with the blocks and arrived at the final things for the formulation of laws, "noting that" the President of the House of Representatives face of the legal Committee to complete formulations laws and submitted Thursday of next week to the House for a vote. "

He noted that" Article 12 of the Federal Court Act is still a bone of contention between the blocks, which are related, by members of the Court unanimously or two-thirds, and will be decided by voting within the Council, "pointing out that" the controversial point in the general amnesty law there in response to the invitation of the Union of forces and Liberal for retrial t was the result of coercion and secret informant and that the victim claims that the trial is not realistic. "