65 regional projects competing to innovate technology applications in the region

15 02 2016
Company «EMC» regional contest to create applications that combine mobile technologies, social media and cloud environment, the competition attracted 65 projects by 272 students from multiple countries comprises the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Morocco and Kenya.

The contest jury comprises ten members of the sector commanders and academics from all over the world.

The aim of the contest is dedicated to the students in the graduating year of Turkish universities and Middle Eastern and African participation in Alliance «EMC» academic to stimulate innovation and creativity in the information technology sector.

The contest is divided into «EMC» annual graduation projects into five phases, with the first phase began with the submission of projects on 15 February, while up to half of the final phase today, the total number of projects that had been nominated by the jury to 30 projects based on abstracts submitted formulated using only open source tools in the areas of cloud computing and social networking applications, and cloud environments and hybrid cloud environments, data centers and networks, software and technological applications for data processing, and bulk data applications With the specified range.

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