The removal of the popular crowd inspection points on the road to Kirkuk - Baghdad

By Roudao

8 hours ago

Roudao - Kirkuk

Decided militants popular crowd, lifting checkpoints on the road to Kirkuk - Baghdad, at a time when citizens are reviewing the administration of Tuz spend the day, the fate of their relatives kidnapped but returned without any result.

Stationed about 21 battalions of secret and Shiites in Tuz limits, believes the administration of justice, that the irregularity of this force, causing the existence of the phenomenon of kidnapping, and he was still there seven people missing.

He said Mayor spend Tuz, waterfall Abdoul, network Roudao media, said that "the popular crowd leaders are not with this, and did not issue a no instructions to commit abuses, but we have already said that these groups are not organized .. I see that there is a party in the popular crowd, encouraging these violations ".

On the other hand, he denied the popular crowd, his gunmen kidnap anyone on the road between Baghdad - Kirkuk, demanding to open a new page with the Kurds, and solving problems together spend Tuz.

The senior military commander of the Badr Organization, Mehdi Taqi, "We want to get our message across to our brothers the Kurds, that Amerli not and will not be against the Kurds, we will sit down together at the earliest and will solve spend Tuz problems."

He added, "We ask the Iraqi government and the Kurdistan Regional Government, to intervene to resolve problems."

It is said that it was the conclusion of three security agreements between the popular crowd and the Peshmerga and the administration of Tuz, to restore the security situation to normal in the judiciary, and confirms the Mayor of Tuz, lack of commitment to any party to the Convention.