Allawi calls for change Abadi or going to early elections

20:17 15/2/2016

The head of the National Coalition, Iyad Allawi, on Monday, the National Alliance, replacing the prime minister or go to early elections under the supervision of the United Nations, as called for a solution to the Electoral Commission for elections and replace it with another.

A statement by the coalition that "Allawi called the National Alliance months ago by replacing the Prime Minister or to go to early elections under the supervision of the United Nations, where he does not find a national coalition justification for replacement faces, but find that all indications are toward the development of the road map and its implementation, and be inspired by the reform documents the real political and economic modernization with some paragraphs of the documents because of changing circumstances. "

He noted that "continue to limit things superficially and asylum procedures until the prosthesis, but not entirely pro forma will Iraq and the region as well, because of the importance of Iraq, for more relapse down to bad consequences."

He called the coalition statement said "the political forces, even those that are outside the political process, it is the terrorists and their supporters to re-examine and reform documents, most notably the revision of the political structure that developed on the basis of the political process, structure, and that brought Iraq to what we are, and the formation of leadership body graduate of the blocks and who served Iraq and prepare for general elections in the country as soon as possible, with the replacement of the UN high Commissioner (independent), or some of its members who are no longer representing the parties that nominated them. "

The statement continued, "We warn of the consequences of what Iraq is going through that Iraqis did not address their problems on their own and away from any interference from the states, and the government immediately ward off foreign interference in Iraqi affairs."