Health inspector: Conviction about 80 employees on corruption charges

18:18 15/2/2016

Inspector General of the Ministry of Health and Environment, Ahmed al-Saadi revealed condemnation of the elimination of about 80 employees including managers procurators various charges of corruption, including the waste of public money.

Saadi said: "We have issues issued by the court rulings against its adherents in the ministry included the imprisonment of seven years and the recovery of funds and other related embezzlement and waste of public money and functional exceeded the powers of crimes."

He explained that "these issues included two directors, employees and at least two of them have been installed at Tgosaiarhama judiciary," he said. "No one is immune from accountability to the judiciary, which has the right to hold to account any employee after testing the evidence and not just in the indictment."

Saadi pointed out that the provisions of this long, "Some of the staff of the committees purchases in the ministry prove Tgosairehm and eliminating been convicted of these charges, and here we are talking about 70, or about 80 employees," but he also said, "but this number remains low rate does not represent only one per thousand of the number of ministry staff which amounts to about 350,000 employees. "

He pointed to "the start of cooperation between the Inspector General Office of the Ministry of Health and teams Integrity Commission, which began field work in the ministry and preceded us and the ministries of electricity, trade and the Municipality of Baghdad meal first and embarked on the second meal of them which the Ministries of Health and Justice and the Iraqi Trade Bank" returned step "brilliant in the field investigated experimentally through coordination with the inspectors general offices of the ministries. "

He said the teams "are investigating the field and see the Protozoa and install the testimony of staff of the issues, whether Balakhbarat hyphen to the Integrity Commission or investigations in the Office of the Inspector General."

The inspector general of the Ministry of Health, "the continuation of the high professionalism and cooperation of the absolute and complete with the Integrity Commission," adding that "the issues that are being investigated, including exposure to the investigating judges of integrity."

He Saadi to "our investigative committees that prove violation of functional and called flags corrupted files mechanism, but we use legal terms such as embezzlement, theft and waste of public money and exceeding the limits of functional Corrections and the crime of forgery and no one has the right to convert a person accused of a criminal or guilty, but the judge after testing this the charges. "