Russian efforts to form a Saudi Iranian cooperation to influence the world oil market

Translation - the balance of News -
US reports revealed on Monday, citing Russian officials stating the existence of a Russian proposal for the establishment of a joint Iranian-Saudi work to influence the global oil market.

According to Reuters, the US site, citing officials in the Russian Foreign translated / balances News / "Russia has proposed to Iran and Saudi Arabia, the composition of bilateral relations between the two countries and the formation of a joint action that would impact on the global oil market work."

Reports and adds that "the deal, which Russia has concluded plans to stumble because of Iran's position, which is working hard to Tazizalanteg in an attempt to regain market share after the sanctions were lifted, paving the way for it to re-enter the market after a long absence."

Altqaar and stated that "the prospects for cooperation between Iran and the leading producer Saudi Arabia, linked to the fact that the two countries are rivals geopolitical, and the influence of the geographic factor in international politics between the two countries that support different aspects of the conflicts in Syria and Yemen," .anthy 29/35 / H 33