Al-Mutlaq: a political rapprochement to pass a general amnesty

02.15.2016 at 12:59 (Baghdad time)

Special - balances News
He expressed the Commission on Security and Defense parliamentary member Hamid al-Mutlaq, expressed hope the amnesty law introduced on the House of Representatives at a hearing next Thursday, pointing to the existence of substantial convergence of views between the political blocs on the controversial paragraphs within drafted.

The General Amnesty Law of broken laws since the previous parliamentary session, due to sharp differences between the political blocs on it.
Mutlaq said, L / balance News / "The committee hopes to offer a general amnesty law to parliament next Thursday in preparation for a final vote in the next few valuable period after they are discussing all things related to it."

He said al-Mutlaq, said: "There is a great convergence of views between the political blocs about it, it is hoped to see the light soon."

Al-Mutlaq said that "the adoption of this law Sancef large part of the prisoners who were arrested because of the confidential informant or extortion and others."

The Liberal parliamentary bloc has ruled out a general amnesty law passed in this period, look for the presence of a number of outstanding differences Vaqrath.anthy 29/42 g