Iraq under the international microscope .. "transparency"


Abbas Abdul Razzaq pigment

Not with new or interesting to resentment to issue new Transparency International report puts Iraq once again in a row in the category of the most corrupt countries in the world and this time at the bottom of the list of countries (ten) the most corrupt, Iraq has occupied part of this report ranked the fourth most corrupt Arab countries after Somalia, Sudan, Libya, Iraq and came in 170 position out of 186 countries included in the report, which did not raise the "surprise" of both the Iraqi government and parliament, who pleaded with the result emitters of regret and sorrow and they considered that pervasive in the joints of the Iraqi state corruption is a reality that can not be hidden that can not be eliminated or impossible to do so.

But the new thing is that similar to Transparency International, which symbolizes abbreviated indicators (TI) annually for Iraq, an organization of global civil society concerned with the fight against corruption, based in Berlin, as if corruption became syndromes Iraqi political scene Library, continues to him and surprising and sorrow at the same time to pair Iraq «states» corrupt are inferior to him and the level of Jaopoulotekeya or countries have little weight regionally and globally and comes in its annual report was not a coincidence repeated annually after Somalia, and this similarity frequent and repeated and renewed in this organization data raises more than surprise and concern sign, especially after that launched the Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi package of reform since the ninth of last August, the date of starting the quest reform to root out corruption that has become embedded in all joints of the Iraqi state, and having swept the Iraqi street Demonstrators noisy called for correcting the situation and rooting out corruption and the corrupt from the Iraqi scene as a whole and after that gave the religious authority Supreme delegated to the Prime Minister, that the mandate Twahj with these demonstrations, so the continuation of these events on the one hand and the disappointment that began authorized by the authority through Friday sermons in the past coming weeks all results confirm that repeated TI each year about Iraq Btjdhir corruption is not a case certain but a behavior politician systematically since the change Alnisani until now and that reforms announced by Abadi path has stumbled, or I want him by putting a lot of sticks to its wheels by whales corruption and Almuturan, and it has Abadi confirmed explicitly more than once that corruption is a big problem in Iraq penetration in many of the state institutions, which accumulated for many years with the absence of serious oversight and lack of accountability as well as efforts to follow up and monitor the performance of the funds and transfer and then exchange mechanisms, and the result was reached by Iraq, which is going through a severe financial distress.
It is important to recall that the Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi confirmed later this year 2016 that this year will be a year to eradicate corruption and previously Ebadi to make the elimination of corruption one of his ministerial axes which was approved by parliament and a comfortable majority enabled him to set off the government Bkapenth leads march of State conditions and the challenges of a very difficult and at various levels of war against Daash come in the forefront and add to it the ghost of the Iraqi treasury bankrupt who camped on the Iraqi economic scene over the last year that has passed painstakingly it is expected that the specter of bankruptcy will continue throughout this year and possibly subsequent due to the continuing deterioration in oil prices the global market and the decline in the levels of those terrible price ranges and to the unprecedented impact on all the economies of countries that rely on oil rentier supplier for their economies, including Iraq. We've definitely become all government authorities to combine all its efforts and pour in two ways: first eliminate the corruption that is no longer the case, or the phenomenon might even be a key factor to undermine the principles and rules of the modern Iraqi state and lost all the efforts that have been made in the establishment of this country down the drain, and the second that recurrence of corruption indicators that have accompanied the Iraqi scene in the transparency international data is dignifying for the reputation of Iraq as a country with its history and civilization Mrtkzadtha strike deep in history.