Al-Mutlaq: the launch of the blocks of the same observations about Abadi change the government enters into a vicious circle

2016-02-15 06:16:13 | (Voice of Iraq) - Baghdad

Said a coalition of national forces by Hamid al-Mutlaq what proceeded to the political blocs recent launch of the same observations that came out of the Prime Minister earlier on a technocrat government, but in different ways makes the government's spin on a treadmill while calling leaders of the blocks to the meeting as soon as possible with the Prime Minister Haider Abadi and put points on the letters regarding the reforms to be made whether to proceed with an honest reform project.

Mutlaq said in a statement that what proceeded to the political blocs recent launch of the same observations that came out Abadi on technocrat government, but in different ways makes the government going round in circles people will not touch it any presence of the reforms, but just only calls without implementation, as previously happened remarks to Ebadi without doing and the direction of the blocks after the statements and justifications in describing Balmikhy disappointing thing.

Mutlaq promise of what I got out the blocks and political parties of the final just a publicity statements that the feedback from the political forces came contradictory despite being pro-reforms and this contradiction everything that would fit will fail.

And noted a member of a coalition of national powers to the importance of establishing a road map and the vision is correct to implement reforms noting that the waiver for the benefit of Iraq through the removal of special interests and quotas partisan and sectarian external and internal influences to change what can be changed for the benefit of the country if they were really honest intentions with regard to the reform politicians.

He announced a coalition of state law on February 13 of this it would act on the political blocs to form a majority bloc in parliament, in order to assign the current Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, or another figure to form a government of technocrats.

Later in the Supreme Islamic Council Saturday declared its full support to the position of supreme religious authority and method of dealing with the political, security, economic and service conditions, as called for a mass political majority, he noted that the advocacy on independents or technocrats must include everyone, including the Prime Minister.