Maliki's return after eliminating Daash

Assad Basri

14-02-2016 10:55 PM

Thirty years ago, Iran then the project has led to the stability of its policy, compared to violent fluctuations in the Arab side policies.
With the past and because the Sunni frustration appeared distorted and terrorist projects to fill the void like Daash, draft succession Baghdadi is Burberry project was stillborn because of lack of human values ​​and the fundamentals of international law and the power that ensures continuation.

Iranian project stability has led to violent reactions and missiles aimed at opponents of Tehran, and the threat of war time in 1980 at the hands of Saddam Hussein, while fought for eight years, and once again we see these days atmosphere wars.

This is the risk of a vacuum in the face of the project. We do not see Iran move its army to occupy Kuwait as Saddam Hussein did, or the bombing of Arab states, but moved its policy and its allies are active project only.

The accumulation of frustration in the troubled region to achieve the objectives of the core Khomeini in the end, the Arab youth looking for a project and whether Sunni or national project civilized and acceptable Ihtwem did not exist, they may collectively will engage in the Shiite Iranian project.

We have seen it in Iraq on a large scale from the Sunni Basahoat youth involvement, are common Sunnis in Baghdad, and acceptance of the Iranian culture. Young people looking for jobs and can not stay in a cultural and political vacuum, after Daash will increase the cultural influence of Iran, control and spread further, especially as it secured the support of minorities in the region that terrorism Ovzaaha project Daash.

Iran, in line with the identity and do not suffer severe internal contradictions, unlike the Arab side who expose the "Arab Spring" sharp contradictions represented by political Islam and its struggle with the bloody civil state. The Sunni Islam and due to neglect and lack of leadership and the nature of sanctification of the text and the confrontation with the West has become a threat to the countries and the world, while the Iranian project on the other hand, has become a kind of mass cultural solution into a superpower like Russia and American countries, which took threatens Ptbdlat substantial unprecedented.

In Iraq, for example, we observed clearly regional conflict on the issue of former Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki. The problem of al-Maliki were not sectarian nor oppression Such crimes committed by more than one Arab dictator, did not occur against the uproar that occurred against al-Maliki.

What made al-Maliki of the enemy of all? Pain begins his reign Besolh knights and hit the Shiite militias? Tell me trader from Ramadi said the first two years of the reign of al-Maliki was similar to Iraq before the occupation, not the kidnapping and assassination of militias and awestruck and everyone from the grip of al-Maliki.

Suddenly exploded everything until we got to the seas of blood between the people and more than Sid and statements sectarian grim. How did this happen? Maliki was a project supported by Tehran, a centralization of power in Baghdad, and hit the militias and the Sunni Awakening and make power, however, one man is the head of the pyramid.

Collided with his Kurds, Shiites and Sunnis, and clashed with Arab governments and Western media. Do not want the Iraqi central authority, and when he failed to squares of liberation secular and Yards sit Sunni and Shiite divisions led by Muqtada al-Sadr, and when accumulated rivalry with Barzani and the Kurds to the point of rebellion as a last resort and that her fiance Aladnana said the night of the fall of Mosul, told al-Maliki "Yes, between us and you Daash emerged liquidation account O Ohimq, Shiites Stalnk over the ages. " What is the problem with Maliki Really?

How Daash and chest and Barzani agreed, the Arabs and the West against him? It is simply there to prevent the red line from central to Shiite rule in Iraq, Iran, al-Maliki replaced Balebadi after the fall of Mosul, however Daash and manages the area of ​​Tehran. As long as there is a break up of the central government in Damascus and Baghdad regional will, no solution in front of Tehran only present itself as a command center for these areas of influence.

Daash emerge invoice from the account of ideological, political and cultural year, no matter how hard the year to throw this bill calculates the Shiites and Iran, saying that Daash Iranian or reaction to the suppression of Shiite and others, the truth is that Daash Sunni Salafi, and would re-Tehran Shiite central in Syria and Iraq after Daash.

The escalation and the threat of war in an area under the influence of the superpowers is hardly convincing, Syria where Great Russia, and Iraq break it involved the United States, and on the ground there that Iran and its ideological clash with the Sunni terrorism and extremism. Many options are not found in front of the world and Iran is seeking a comprehensive and a huge deal in this regard.

There is no possibility to erase the presence of Iran with missiles, I hope to be clear in this regard. The Islamic Republic operates a policy and not a war. Arabs can not solve everything by war, they have represented the enemy of political Islam and the Sunni extremism Kdaash Qaeda and the Muslim Brotherhood who threaten Arab governments. How do we face the Shiite Islam in all-out war in such conditions? It does not threaten the occurrence of the region dominated by Sunni extremism and spread?

It must be a political act and accept the losses sometimes. Iran has achieved successes in its favor nor Tehran lose a lot in a conflict of fragmentation of Arab states internally type, as in the bombing of Mosul, Aleppo and Raqqa, do not break Iran through Tmabh Syrians or the bombing of Iraqis.

The most important question, and one year after the resignation of Maliki, what was the Virtue Party wants or Moqtada al-Sadr or Ali Hatem? What he wants Sarkhi or Rafie al-Issawi, or Barzani or Izzat al-Duri al-Alwani, or? It is clear that none of them did not want nothing but chaos. Billions of dollars spent by the State of Qatar specifically on the issue of al-Maliki. What is the purpose of all those expenses? The aim is apparently to thwart the central project to change the Iraqi constitution and an end to the story of the quota system. It can not be that the goal is to have compassion for Iraq's Sunnis.

Apart from al-Maliki and his crimes with political and sectarian Arab states and Mhatruth question remains how you can build a state and eliminate corruption if everyone was a king and a leader and governor in Iraq? It is clear that no solution to Iran in the end only the inauguration of a dictator or the Shia occupy Iraq and annex it to Tehran. It is not unlikely Maliki's return to the government after the elimination of Daash.

The article expresses the opinion of the author and do not necessarily reflect the viewpoint of free Iraq