Automate check the quality of the ministries of economy boom

2/15/2016 0:00

BAGHDAD Mustafa al-Hashimi
said economic researcher Firas Amer possibility of an end to corruption and the face of the financial crisis, the adoption of technology and speed automates the ministries and departments Alkhaddmah.oukal Amer in an interview with «morning»: it possible to cope with the economic crisis by changing the way management and distribution of realized financial resources from oil revenues according to the financial administration Act No. 94 of 2004, indicating that there is a certain imbalance caused by the economic crisis because the funds allocated for the budget sufficient to manage the country's affairs without falling Bmtabat Malah.ivkr the financial administration Act No. 94 of 2004 aims to create a comprehensive structure for direct tax policy and the policy of budget in line with international best practices, as it regulates the actions that develop, adopt, and the registration and administration and implementation of the federal budget for Iraq and things are related, which include public loan guarantees and internal accounting and auditing and monitoring controller, are the principles of transparency and inclusiveness and harmony are essential when creating and implementing the budget and related matters Bha.wachar to the re-distribute the money properly and to combat thefts of money will make a qualitative leap in the country's economy at this stage, provided to speed up the introduction of technology in the work of the ministries Kavh.waodh the theft of money and bad management can reduce them by using technology that involves creating applications for the automation of ministries electronically with the service departments of direct contact of the lives of citizens, Amer he added: also can develop the means or pay with smart card company regulations or other in order to achieve quality and quick boom in Alarac.wachar economy to the need for the private sector to activate because of its huge potential that the failure rate in the implementation of projects less which compared executed by government institutions focused Amer, concluding his speech, he stressed the importance of private sector participation in the implementation of the projects technical and scientific committees so as to contribute and considerably limit operations corruption when contracting for the implementation of projects that will be one of the reasons for the economic recovery of Iraq.