Economic conferences to the provinces

2/15/2016 0:00

Thamer Alheims
The Union of Entrepreneurs of Dhi Qar province, the initiative to form a joint committee to create (to hold an economic conference of development in the province) and conscious response to synchronized with experts and specialists calls for activating investment and create a banking system in line with the work of companies invested in the provinces adds a potential new production achieved economic feasibility Law It is beneficial to the nation.

The announcement of an economic conference in any province has many connotations reflect at least conscious creative about passing the challenges ahead in light of the drop in oil prices and the war on źDaash╗, to have this conference is an effective method for the parties concerned by stretching from Mrakzalabhat at universities and others to international expertise and leading experiences access to nearby experiments were harsh lessons but at least we learned a lot of them.

If I want the conference to be successful and that is pursuing transparency in dealing with the economic file and thus begins the move healthiest and most notable of its components is the specter of corruption and get rid of previous convictions and visions associated with previous experience or a certain ideological dimensions. And we have to recommendations of the conference will be able to draw a road map for the development of the province as part of a strategic and clearly defined sets of actors sites positively or negatively, and this sort of paramount importance in restoring access to the conviction that the development or investment the only way to ensure the achievement of goals.

Perhaps the focus of the conference should focus the need to create an investment climate to become the standard for performance to attract the necessary investment, and perhaps contribute to the creation of banking system in line with the work of the companies invested and objectives. As it is well known, where banks do not work without the integration of the parties to the investment climate and the environment incubator.

So economic conferences each province become the way the foundation for an economic road map organized in the context of all social, administrative and political events to pour into the only available option, a box (investment and sustainable development) as we learned lesson rent fragile oil in all its manifestations.

That no matter what the outputs, then at least the conference will be the first step to the traditions of not Nahdha in light of decisions that take place in the closed corridors and rooms that do not begrudge the results in terms of performance and results in the past period.

In any case, this move will certainly be a key factor to push the province and give it priority in the light of the reasonableness of planning and road safety.

It shall be exercised by Bovdalh strategic projects that touch the needs of its citizens with projects that complement or Thaiha local administrations, such as roads, bridges, dams and other basic infrastructure such as electricity, roads and social development projects, education and health projects, to cope with sustainable development and are here to meet the center while maintaining the consistency of infrastructure and domestic project project . Thereby becoming initiatives and conferences is the road map.

Perhaps the Wasit Province initiative in the collection of electricity resources or even its initiative to set up guards to protect property essential part in creating a safe environment for investment and an incubator for local and foreign investors in order to save the revenue infrastructure.

That can thus be administrative decentralization is not just a slogan but turns into a means of development impassable in light of the challenges are not trivial as the standstill in the framework of decentralization and lead to a relationship calculating the dispersion of efforts with the center and strategic importance. Also, decentralization of development of integration and harmony between the center and the province summon the spirit of competition among the provinces through done a real benchmark for the health programs offered.