Finance Minister of Kurdistan: Kurdistan region's debt reached $ 20 billion

He wrote: February 14, 2016

He attributed the financial Kurdistan Region Minister Rebaz Mohammed lambs debt incurred by the Government of the Territory, which exceeded the $ 20 billion to total reliance on oil revenues », and pointed out that in Kurdistan, 88 banks and government while Iraq as a state owned banks government only, as warned of the final rupture with Baghdad because they «will drag the region into many disasters.»

Lambs and explained that the region is totally dependent on oil revenues and customs but they are not subject to the supervision of a transparent, so the province is currently owes more than twenty billion dollars, adding that there is no need to form a committee to search for financial crisis processors because the Ministry of Finance is the competent authority. »

And on the relationship with Baghdad province's finance minister stressed that «the final rupture with Baghdad will drag the region into many disasters, presumably to keep relations and perpetuated for the benefit of both parties».

And on ways to tackle the financial crisis lambs pointed out that «the ministry has prepared a project to reduce government expenses In conclusion we came to determining the amount of 868 billion dinars expense plus government salaries», adding that «the government announced a project amounting to 880 billion dinars, and this is proof that its expenses increased and did not say, and that promotions and appointments and assignments to retire illegally continues »