National Alliance discusses the economic wizards and the position of religious authority

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National Alliance discussed the economic wizards and the position of religious authority
{Baghdad} Euphrates News National Alliance discussed during its regular economic wizards and the position of the religious authority of the political process.
According to the National Alliance said in a statement the agency {Euphrates News} received a copy of it on Sunday that "the Iraqi National Alliance held a meeting of the body leading the National Alliance, headed by Ibrahim al-Jaafari and the presence of Haider al-Abadi Prime Minister and discussed the leadership of the most important current issues, especially those related to the security situation, and the economic, political, The meeting also reviewed the position of religious authority, and the statement of Mr. Muqtada al-Sadr on reforms. "
The statement pointed out that "the present stressed the importance of the reforms offered by the government program in its early stages that, and reforms that will provide the government to take place in the near future," adding that "the leadership emphasized the need for real participation in the preparation and implementation of any government program would cure the current problems, particularly the security file, and financial. "
She said "the leadership stressed the support, and the assignment of the sons of our armed forces, brave, popular crowd, and clans, and the Peshmerga in their opposition to Hmaz prospects of Aldoaash, and extremist groups, were also reviewed some of the potential economic processors to be provided by a group of international experts that the government is planning for the use of their expertise."
Regarding the fight against corruption, which threatens the state's institutions, and the fight against organized crime of the leadership of the National Alliance stressed the need for the training of security personnel, and the creation of a professional professional institutions strengthen the government's reform efforts, and the people of the country restore confidence in their government, and the package of proposed reforms.
On the diplomatic front, and Iraq's participation in international forums, conferences have been reviewing the results of the meetings of Rome, London, Munich, who hailed the victories of Iraq in its war against Daash terrorist gangs, and search efforts in the liberation of Mosul process, and the importance of increasing support for Iraq, and the reconstruction of liberated areas, the return displaced to areas Sknahm.anthy