Deputy calls for political blocs to change its ministers incompetent

2016/2/14 9:44 16 visits readable
Deputy calls for political blocs to change its ministers incompetent
{Baghdad: Euphrates News} called the Integrity Commission, member of the parliamentary Akeel al-Zubaidi, on Sunday, to respond to the invitation of the Prime Minister to change the incompetent ministers who proved their negligence during their responsibility and not to stick to them and put replacements for them they can provide the best service to the Iraqi street.
Zubaidi said in a statement the agency {Euphrates News} received a copy of it today, that "bad for some ministries and administration and not being able to homework performance results in providing a service to the citizen led to a lot of anger in the Iraqi street, and out of thousands of citizens in all governorates to express their opposition to the government of the principles" .

He said, "Whatever powers the minister, it is nothing more than a costly public service it be performed with honesty and sincerity, even if the administrator has led his duties when needed simple citizen to intercede with the officials, to complete transactions that are at the heart of the natural duties of the employee," asserting that "one of the reasons these problems of the citizen is the result of large-scale corruption experienced by some state institutions, which is imperative for regulators crack down on those who Hola Bao conscience for Mkedzab ephemeral. "

"The parliamentary integrity committee has asked the Prime Minister in the last meeting on the need to switch Minister Almtlkian in the performance of their work; because their survival in office contributes to the spread of corruption in those ministries."

He called Al-Abbadi stay away from the prosthetic solutions; because all the political blocs today under the eyes of senior citizens, bookmark, and on the political blocs to prove that it is serious about reforms, and for everyone to help the prime minister to choose efficient office figures.

The head of the Iraqi Islamic Supreme Council Ammar al-Hakim had said during the Cultural Forum support any cabinet reshuffle prospective based on a plan, and a clear vision and compelling, noting that he let some time ago and this platform to assess what has been achieved, what had been done, and to be an objective assessment of whether a fundamental change or in part, we support the move as long as it is built on the foundations of an evaluation Sahihh.anthy