Tamimi: the process of change must be based on the assessment and not on a non-informed decisions

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Tamimi: the process of change must be based on the assessment and not on a non-informed decisions
{Baghdad: Euphrates News} MP on the mass of citizens Furat al-Tamimi, said on Sunday that the time favorable today; to take historic decisions to overcome Maiena him to the country, adding that "the process of change must be based on the assessment and not on a non-informed decisions."
Tamimi said in a statement to Agence {Euphrates News} Today, that "Masran by the religious authority in recent betrothed is clear from the dissatisfaction of the political class and includes everyone. Today, who stands and who feels that he is unable to perform the department or institution takes courage to leave it to those who have the ability to manage them. "

"The country today suffers from a force majeure serious financial crisis requires everyone to show a spirit of responsibility, moral and legal obligations to the Iraqi people. The country needs the people to have a vision on the thorny file management, and today the time disadvantage to take the historic decisions to overcome Mayaanih in this period."

He noted that "the change must be based on the evaluation of the performance of the work and not on the ill-considered decisions," adding that "the qualities of leadership that can be available in the technocrats, as we tried and we dealt with the ministers did not find qualities of leadership in them," and expressed "regret not to provide figures up for the challenge. "

He continued that "all political blocs claim today that offers a historical attitude toward Maimer his country up to the challenge and responsibility; to overcome the crisis," noting that "Iraq is the most difficult period of religious authority Darkh the state of the country has Mrarar and again, warned that the latest guidance for reference warning to all without exception. "

The supreme religious authority had decided at last Friday to make political engagement as required by the events and developments in the Iraqi affairs, not on a weekly basis.

Was described as head of the Supreme Islamic Iraqi Council Ammar al-Hakim during a speech at the Cultural Forum weekly that "the birth of the new government Balassabp, but the will of the good political leadership and support of brothers and friends helped everyone is formed within the constitutional period, pointing out that the government Abadi is a fresh start and the beginning of a corrective great, reminding that the essence of politics is the art of the possible solutions moderation and tracks that corresponds to them and reassure them and reassure everyone, not the art of playing on contradictions. "

He Hed Ammar al-Hakim "The task is not easy in front of the new government under the control of terrorism on the one-third of the country's administrative and confusion that state where corruption and poor services, indicating that this task is not impossible, expressing confidence great potential for success if they committed them to create a strong team harmonious Community and spiritual homeland and the determination and the future one, calling on al-Abadi to resolve the security ministries, as promised in front of the House of Representatives and rid the state of the agency sites, describing it failed administrative policy that brought the country into paralysis "and .anthy