Tourism opens the single-window for the granting of a visa section and close 100 company is licensed

Sunday, February 14, 2016 - 7:57
Tourism opens the single-window for the granting of a visa section and close 100 company is licensed

It announced the Tourism Authority, the opening of "single window" section for the granting of a visa for tourism companies during the "three days", as indicated that they were closed "100 companies are not permitted" in Baghdad, confirmed that he will be "Identity special uniforms" version of the elements of the tourist security.

Said Director General of the Agency and the Director General of the tourist groups Mahmoud al-Zubaidi, in a speech during a meeting with tourism companies in the Lion located in the center of Hilla, in the presence of the deputy governor of Babylon Hasan napkin, "The Commission opened a single window to facilitate the task of the work of private tourism companies section and without loading companies any amount to get away routines and stimulate tourism and the reality, "pointing out that" the Commission shall grant an entry visa tourist groups in just three days after the companies were previously offered securities to the intelligence and then to tourism security and tourism to the body and lasts a long time. "

He said al-Zubaidi, that "the Commission has taken a few days ago, a number of procedures for businesses to curb the excesses and closed 100 company is licensed in the capital Baghdad and still campaign going on," pointing out that "the number of official companies in Babylon for 19 companies with total number of companies unofficial more than 60 companies which had a negative impact on the tourist companies sober. "

For his part, the tour director of security, Brigadier Amer Mohammed Hassan said on the sidelines of the meeting, said that "Tourism Security will launch an important program for the drawer all the official tourist companies and information is exchanged electronically to form a real data on the work of tourism companies and hotels operating in Babylon," noting that "tourism security process issuing special identity of the elements of tourism security uniforms special security cadres. "