Abdul-Mahdi: There is a wide front projection concerned with Iraq's political experience and is not reform

Sunday, February 14, 2016 - 8:08

Accused Oil Minister Adel Abdul-Mahdi hand [unnamed] attempting to overthrow the political experiment in Iraq and not reform. " Said Abdul-Mahdi, in an article entitled [Ministerial Covenant .. rationalize or complexity "since he took Haider al-Abadi Presidency of the Council of Ministers which is goodwill and sheer determination appears to take remedial steps to pull the country out of the current tragic situations, and already some achievements have been achieved, and was absorbed attack Daash and it restored the initiative and the earth and the public, national and international support. " He added that "despite all the difficulties and problems accumulated overall political climate improves and the relationship between the various parties, and made achievements in the oil sector in terms of high production and export rates, and the prevention of crises provide derivatives, despite the loss of almost half of our domestic production and the conditions of financial health." He also "was crossing a difficult year financially which dropped the state's resources and reserves dangerously, Vqls been spending a lot search for new sources of funding. It began many institutions relying on themselves, not on the state budget, facilities and activities in administration. " He pointed out Abdul-Mahdi to "ask a lot of plans that would revitalize the civil sector and private, despite the fact that most of these ideas did not find its way to the application, but sometimes hindered counter measures from the backward forces or beneficiary, and improved foreign relations with neighboring countries and the world, despite the complexities and difficulties." He pointed out, "Although it is still a difficult situation, and attempts to reform facing great difficulties, but before let's discuss the issue to point out two facts are of great negative impact." He explained, "There is a wide front concerned with first and last dropping experience and not repair the situation," noting that "lack of awareness of this fact has led some powers, to mix the leaves with those front-sheets of different Blawynha, especially when it comes Ptsagat political rivals in a single process, which is the deployment of a mess media The political stage has become one of the diseases, and one of the factors of failure of state and government, and one of the increasing unrest and divisions factors. " He pointed out that "there are regional and international conflicts play a crucial role in the availability factors of satisfaction and acceptance of this or that government power, or the measure or any other, with all the damage and negative consequences on the country." The oil minister said, "After taking these two facts into consideration, and after we mentioned the important achievements, but it is adequate for the start of the state and society, it seems clear that the [Covenant] has to settle its tracks and explains its methods, Valakdh are not reforms rejected by the political forces, it has granted Najaf and all political forces, without exception, the absolute support for the package first and subsequent reforms, as evidence that the maturity and strength and momentum and effectiveness, clarity and realism, seriousness and firmness and positive effects carried by the reform and actual applications of ideas, that will ensure the success of these measures, and not anything else. " "The problem lies in the contradictions and Altdadat broken, it can be judged according to the Constitution, and at the same time giving priority to applications, instructions and legislation contrary to him and completely inherited from previous regimes, and can not be one of us a party at night and independent in the daytime, or criticized others not rectify current and me alone or to ask institutional than others, and do, I am individualism. " He explained, "If the parties an obstacle, it must include everyone, going to the government that is not partisan, under the supervision and guarantee mass political parliamentary majority of all the component parties in accordance with the minimum guarantor to resolve the core of the country's problems Charter, if the positions have been distributed and the agency during the last stage in contrast to the rules public service and public interest, this is for everyone and not without limbs again, and if the quota system and the lack of experience is the obstacle, it is general and not a special region of. " Said Abdul-Mahdi, "the reforms carried out by everyone and in the interest of everyone, or at least the political majority and designed to cope with serious crises and provide effective solutions. More important today is the maturity, strength and momentum and effectiveness, clarity and realism, seriousness and firmness and positive effects in our curricula, Vallahzab and politicians of their role, and independents and technocrats their role, and must be paired these things, all in the location, and the best they could to contribute. " And seal oil minister "away from things formal, people and sites, and the emphasis on addressing the major phenomena and constructs the basic real goals, that people can touch it and Athssha, which allows the country and forces loyal progress forward."