30,000 native plant shut down since 2003.0. And industrialists complain that the "failure" of Government initiatives

2016/02/14 (00:16)-total reads: 31.

Assured industrialists and businessmen, industrial initiative launched by the Government since 2014 "did not achieve something concrete" and pointed to the failure of Industrial Bank in the moving industry, indicated that there are 30,000 native plant still idle.
The adviser said the Iraqi Federation of industries, Emad Taha, speaking to the (term), "repeatedly called on the Union not to rely on oil for the possibility of low price but no one listens to him, leading to a depletion of the Iraqi currency and foreign output abroad," adding that "30,000 native plant shut down since 2003, without providing something to her, despite the Government's claim of having an industrial initiative since 2014 so far."
And on loans the Central Bank intends to give to banks, including the industrial reality trillion 500 billion dinars, of six trillion 500 billion dinars, he saw Taha, "Industrial Bank has proved its inability and failure due to the actions of which the industrialists, returned to that" If loans are distributed in an equitable manner could provide an opportunity to promote the industrial reality.
The Vice-President said the businessmen, with the beautiful name Antoine, told the (range), that "many proposals submitted since the beginning of 2015, for the promotion of industry and other productive sectors, and projects for the public and private sectors", stating that "roles distributed between industry and electricity ministries and municipalities, and the introduction to the proposed programme enacting the four laws apply, namely the customs tariff on all border crossing points, and protect national products, consumer protection and anti-trust and competitiveness, as well as other legal legislation as ensuring adequate retirement For employees of the private and public sectors.
Antoine said, those steps also included the CBI put forward five trillion dinars as loans, and formed a Committee to follow up the lending mechanism of the industrial sector, including start plants that occupy greater employment and add to GDP and substitute imports, such as construction and food industries, leather. "
He said Vice President Union of businessmen, "after the stall and procrastinate a little surprised that the Commission and form has been altered, and after the interception of industrialists, resolved, without doing anything serious, so did the banks granted loans to the real industrial sector, promotion of the private sector".
In turn his cement factory bridges, Fouad Hassoun, told the (range), that "industrialists complain the seriousness of Government plan to promote the private sector, widespread corruption, and the potential impact on the promised loans.
Finch, expressed regret that, because "the Government set conditions impossible, such as real estate and bonds staff, loan", stating that "industrialists suggested project insurance through Iraqi insurance companies, with the aim of running the Government and three insurance companies of about 20 private insurance company.
Amazed, "encourage government granting permits for the construction of large shopping malls (malls) in the heart of Baghdad and vital areas, in a move that will support import and further loss of national product, and to make the slogan" in Iraq more difficult to achieve than before. "
The Cabinet had approved a grant from the Central Bank and five trillion dinars, distributed reality, 33 percent to the industrial sector, as well as for agriculture, and 17 percent to the Housing Fund, and for the real estate Bank, stressing the need to link lending policy in the economic policy of the country.