Kurdistan Alliance: agendas imposed on political forces to postpone National Conference after Summit Arabic
Date: Tuesday, 31-03-2012 02: 18 pm

Baghdad (newsletter) ...Said Deputy from the Kurdistan blocs Coalition//Hasan Jihad takhirakod National Conference to impose agendas to political forces and held after the Summit, Arabic.
Jihad said in a statement (News Agency news) on Tuesday:
nobody can diagnose the reason for delaying the National Conference since all political blocs wish to consent and demonstrated the need for the holding of the National Conference, but after the imposition of the agendas of political blocs has become complicated things and not conducive to the holding of the National Conference before the Summit, Arabic.

He added: the National Conference would be held after the Summit, but not Arabic "magic wand" and resolves all outstanding differences but would address some outstanding issues that need to be addressed to the political process forward, noting that the political process in urgent need of the National Conference of the political process.

Jihad said: that some political forces (not labels) imposed for postponing the Conference national agendas after the Summit Arabic. This was confirmed by a member of a coalition of State law, the National Alliance Deputy//Mahmoud Al-Hassan said the National Conference is to end the Preparatory Committee from the agenda, noting that his coalition would abide by dates for the holding of the Conference after the Committee sets mini emerged from allgnhalthaderet.

Hassan said in a statement (News News Agency) previously told Attorney Hassan Jihad: the National Alliance does not wish to postpone National Conference until after the Arabic but there are Summit Preparatory Committee for making preparations for the National Conference and thus once completed those preparations will be held the Conference.

He added: the Preparatory Committee consisting of all political blocs and when completed its preparations, the National Alliance is ready for the Conference before the Summit, Arabic or thereafter, surprising link some parties to convene the Conference in Arabic Summit, noting that Arabic Summit to deal with issues on Arabic Arabic arena and the National Conference on Iraq's internal differences.

The Attorney for the State of law: there are many differences between all political blocs are stuck and not only between Iraq and the State of law and there may be differences with other blocks of disagreements and ekber State law./finished/2 n. p.