Confirmation of the "network Iraq.". No external knowledge of recent Washington visit Al-jubouri and violation of Protocol rules

12/02/2016 0 22 visit of Iraqi Foreign Ministry confirmed Friday, the information published in the "network" law Iraq early February 2016, according to visiting House speaker Salim al-Jabouri to us recently, "breach" of Protocol rules, and with the Ministry showed that Al-jubouri did not share details of his visit so far, noting that the Iraqi Embassy in Washington put "awkward position". Ministry spokesman Ahmed Gamal, in the press release "law" Iraq, "several questions raised about visit Parliament Speaker Salim al-Jabouri to USA, the Ministry was to show its position on it," adding that "the visit had not been coordinated with the Ministry, Al-jibouri did not share details of his visit so far. He said Jamal Al-jubouri's visit, "contrary to the rules and laws and diplomatic protocol, so you must take over the Embassy and diplomatic missions responsible for coordinating the visits of official delegations, especially the three presidencies," pointing out that "the Ministry is completely excluded from meetings and discussions, our Embassy has developed a critical attitude to the authorities." Referred to the Foreign Ministry, revealed earlier Friday (12 February 2016), al-Jabouri no coordination with it on his recent visit to the United States, has denied knowing details of the visit and talks and meetings. Mention that the leadership in the Alliance of Iraqi forces, said Kevin Ajman tribe 2016/2/2, Salim Al-jubouri's visit to Washington is a personal visit and is not official. And was grid "law" quoted a high-level political source, alabaaa 2016/2/3, that al-Jabouri strives through the informal "visit" to Washington, earning Budd the Americans intended to grant administrators the confidence to give a high position within the us in Iraq for the next phase, the source said that the visit was without the knowledge and the coordination of the Iraqi Embassy in Washington.