Wasit demanding oil and refinery company in the province

February 12, 2016 11:54 am
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Wasit Province demanded the oil Ministry by establishing a company oil refinery in the province and as economic feasibility that the University of Wasit.

Wasit Province held a deliberative meeting under the banner {for Wasit meet} in the presence of members of Parliament, representatives on the Wasit and local government.
"The meeting discussed a range of topics including special entitlements axis of Petro dollars and border and port regions development as well as special axis are credited to an investment account opening within budget implementation instructions for 2016 as one entry the mentions within a closed account and restrict the final revenue to state coffers {finance}".
"He was discussing the benefits farmers marketing wheat and barley crop last year of {137} billion Iraqi dinars and giving powers {financial and managerial} in this stage all circuits to overcome the financial crisis."
The "search axis of your irrigation problems and especially southern province {district, Al-dujaili, Gospels} {35 m3/s} outside the quota of 24% and 76% of Wasit and Nassiriyah.
"The meeting discussed the axis Ministry appointments which have caused confusion and non-takaful opportunities for children of the province where most of its designations according to cronyism and disregard competence walmnsobih vacancy".