Ministry of Communications organizes awareness seminar on Iraq's accession to the World Trade Tuesday, March 13 / March 2012 09:47

Baghdad {: News} Euphrates organized Department of Foreign Relations and Information Department at the Ministry of Communications and the definition of awareness seminar WTO accession and the importance of Iraq in coordination with the National Committee in the Department of External Relations and Economic and Trade Ministry.

A statement by the Ministry of Communications received by the Euphrates {News} a copy of it on Tuesday that he "attended the seminar, Deputy Director General of the Department of External Relations and the representative of the Ministry of Communications of the National Committee."

He added that "the symposium held as part of spreading awareness of the importance of the organization and reasons for Iraq's accession her as she opens broad prospects in front of Iraqi consumers to shop and allow a choice of commodity quality of being subject to international conventions and contributes to the optimum use of resources in excess of national income and the advantage of aspects of a positive condition to be prepared and studied in a scientific way. "

The statement pointed out that "shopping provides many opportunities for Iraq to live up to what is enjoyed by the potential of human and economic, scientific part of a plan carried out by the Ministry of Commerce in cooperation with ministries and other government agencies."

He explained that "Nizh World Trade was founded after World War II and named after then {GATT} and was limited to work at the time the actions of the customs tariff and to facilitate the subject of trade until 1995 he founded the World Trade Organization in its current form after making several rounds of negotiations over these years and required by the current stage and emerged from the growth and development issues in the trade exchange and expand cooperation between States and the need to develop arrangements for regulating the trade in the international system after it has seen amazing strides in more than one level. "

He noted that "with regard to the Ministry of Communications within it of important ministries that deal with providing services to a consumer of telecommunications services, mail and the internet on a single hand and private sector participation at other times, the implementation of the policy which the Ministry deems appropriate."

He added that "Iraq occupies a geographic position linking the East and West makes him eligible to do an important role in the telecommunications sector." Ended.