Baghdadi receive support and messages of support to the roadmap put forward by its current popular to save Iraq

Thursday, February 11, 2016 21:28

BAGHDAD / Baghdadi News / .. received Khartt way to save Iraq put forward by the people of Baghdad stream media and the broad public interest range.

Baghdadi has continued to receive messages of support and backing of the religious and political figures and tribal leaders and intellectuals, the judiciary and the media from Baghdad and the provinces are blessing the road map and describe them as a viable solution to get Iraq out of its ordeal political, security and economic crises.

This contact with lawyers and intellectuals / Baghdad /, blessing, the steps included in the rescue announced by the stream Baghdadi popular project. "

In a related context Tenseekiet Najaf, Basra and Babel announced its support for the project to save Iraq put forward by the popular stream Baghdadi and calling him "as the best solution to remove Iraq from the political ordeal economic, security and crisis" .anthy 21