Emotions grace: If Al-Abbadi is serious about reform it set new oil Minister from technocrats and of Basra

2016-02-12 19:23:42 | (Voice of Iraq) statement

The Deputy called the State of law Coalition emotions grace Prime Minister Haidar Al-Abbadi fairly Basra governorate and oil Minister coming from technocrats if serious about new reforms, stressing the need to move away from political niceties in the appointment of new Ministers and not replaced by Ministers of the same blocks.

She said in a statement reported by the media Office of the day: "If a serious reform Abadi must first do justice to Basra and does justice to the Iraqi people through the appointment of a Minister for oil technocrats and of Basra, oil Minister must be oil inspectors, not doctors or political blocks looking for their interests and their gains."

Mp showed Basra: "Abadi makes his booth the new ministerial government coup harmonious group based on quotas and compatibility, which was the cause of the crisis that reached the country, choosing the new Ministers must take place without reference to political blocs or consulted, the end time of pleasantries.

Grace emphasized "the need to choose ministers competent technocrats, and if the names you selected Abadi rejected by some real political advertising blocks that stood opposite of reform and act away from the dictates of internal and external, that can save what can be saved."

"The Iraqi people want government based on force and not lie, if the brother agreed to dismiss some Ministers Abadi and come from the same blocks or hiding under the umbrella of the political blocs is unfortunately a new failure and programmer, agreed.