Transportation prepare a study to re-activate the shipping line to transport containerized cargo


(Independent) ... Ministry of Transport announced the preparation of a feasibility study for the re-activation of the Iraqi shipping line to transport containerized cargo.

The general director of the General Company for Maritime Transport Abdul Karim Knhl in a statement received by The Independent on Friday that "the company and under the guidance and follow-up of the Transport Minister Baqer al-Zubaidi has prepared a feasibility study to re-Iraqi maritime line activation for the transport of goods in containers," noting that "the project aims to re-activate Iraqi maritime transport container line through interoperability and starts the project by 1000 container can be increased. "

He added that "the development of the official name of the General Company for Maritime Transport on the transfer of cargo containers (CONTENARS) by ships is of great importance moral and material to re-work the transport of containers that carry the company name," noting that "it is in raising the name of Iraq and the name of the General Company for Maritime Transport between global shipping companies in addition to maximizing the financial resources of the company. "

Knhl pointed out that the "containerized transport method is a modern transport container followed by the world's largest marine companies because of its financial returns as well as a shortcut to the time of loading and unloading method."

He stressed that "the follow-up to the Minister of Transport for this project gave him considerable momentum through the operation of ships and containers, including contributing to the operation of other sectors of the marine Kolokulat which is the official agent for the vessels the company under the 83 marine agencies Act of 2012 amended the law 56 of 1985, which will have a significant economic benefit to the treasury to support and public support for the company's employees. " (End)