Daash closes banks Mosul being cash transactions confidential

Written by SA

Date: 02/12/2016 13:50

Baghdad INA / Local Avadmsdr in Mosul, said the organization "Daash" closed all the banks in the city after the two of them bombed.

The source told "The Iraqi news agency" on Friday, said the organization "Daash" closed bank branches in the city of Mosul after the transfer of funds, including the layoffs of its employees who continue to constantly explaining that the measure was taken after the bombing of two banks, one in the left side and the other in the city center by the international coalition.

He guessed, that the organization began conducting financial dealings in secret away from former employees for fear of leaking information about them and targeted by coalition aircraft.

The organization "Daash" have executed five young sons of the city of Mosul last week on charges of collaborating with the Iraqi forces and the international coalition, and to give information on the headquarters of the organization.