State of Law: Elements and institutions take advantage of the currency at the central bank auction

2016/02/11 11:26 Number of Views: 122

Tomorrow Press / Baghdad confirmed the State of Law coalition's parliamentary bloc, said Thursday that there are elements and institutions benefit from currency auction expense of the citizen, or the Iraqi economy, noting that the explanations offered by the Governor of the Central Bank, which is not convincing.

" He bloc chairman Ali al-Adeeb said in a statement for "tomorrow Press", "The process of hard currency auction carried out by the Governor of the Central Bank has been criticized for a lot of specialists and politicians," adding: "We are not convinced that the interpretation of the governor of the bank on the auction currency."

He pointed out that "Iraq's imports of oil and currency difficult day $ 60 million, while the central bank announces the auction day to sell more than $ 170 million, "and wondered," Does this mean selling cash reserve, and who learned from this auction, and where to spend the dollar? ". He said the writer," the dollar that comes out of Iraq is supposed to come in his stead goods, "pointing to" the quality elements and institutions benefit from the auction currency on the expense of the citizen, or the Iraqi economy.

" the President of the State of law bloc in Parliament, said that" the parliamentary Finance and the House of Representatives spoke about the topic, but talk It remained unilaterally without clear answers from the Central Bank, "calling the parliamentary Finance to" open a dialogue with the central bank and the answers come disguised to parliament and citizens. "زي