Economic diagnosis: sale of property the state of corruption in the corruption ..

Dated: Thursday 02.11.2016 7:49
Iraq today / special
It seems that the financial crisis that Iraq is going through, not behind lower oil prices only, but it is because of that country, has drained its economy, because of the wrong policies, of course, this is not our analysis we are, but he specializes in economic affairs:
"The next year, it will be economically worse, if the economic crisis persists, and continued government inaction economic reform." Competent lion Muhammad Ali .. we take in an upcoming speech to the depths of the crisis: "Iraq is now depleted, all available resources, and even borrowing is possible, which narrows the horizon of solutions for the next year, after the exhaustion, the possibility of domestic borrowing, and narrow-mindedness of external borrowing, after the accumulation of loans international in Iraq, with no real reform, "and it seems that Ali refused to load the other hand, the responsibilities of the crisis, and I consider them an exclusive government:" It is responsible for the rapid deterioration, due to the complete inability to find a realistic economic solutions, and do not fulfill their promises, to fight corruption, which has become stronger of the former, and waxed strong in the weakness of the government's ability to fight it, "then gave us a comparison between the importance of the fight against corruption, and the war in the country against terrorism:" the fight against corruption, is no less important than the war on terrorism, the fact that administrative corruption, and declining living standards, opened the door to terrorism, to enter into our society, and the exploits of the unemployed, and those who do not have the income ", and hit us then, for example, the government's failure to make any real reforms:" despite the government's pledge to open the files of corruption, and to reconsider real estate State sold in previous periods, However, they did not accomplish any files in this regard, on the contrary, it plans to sell assets, the most valuable and more important ", and advised the government at the end of his speech and in terms of real estate State b:" the government, thinking to invest the presidential palaces, rather than sold, to keep the wealth Iraq, which remains the state of the real estate that have been sold and mortgaged long-term in corruption, administrative and financial in previous times. "