Local government in Basra tend to contract with a British company for the construction of water plants

2016-02-11 19:29:05 | (Voice of Iraq) - Basra

The local government announced in Basra province, on Thursday, the formation of a committee to provide facilities to the British company plans to implement a project payment formula on credit establishing desalination plants in the province, while the British embassy confirmed that the company is willing to implement the project is one of the best British specialized in the water sector companies.

The governor of Basra Majed Nasraoui during a press conference held today, with the British Ambassador Frank Baker and attended by Alsumaria News, said that "the meeting with Ambassador ensure discuss strengthening the presence of British companies in Basra, with 200 investment opportunity, and the British companies sober them available priority," noting that "company (Bay and tendon) British had expressed willingness to implement the project to set up desalination plants in Basra, with a loan to finance the project."

Nasraoui added that "the local government formed a committee comprising representatives from relevant government departments and the company's management to provide facilities for the direct implementation of the project as soon as possible," adding that "the local government has suggested to the ambassador invited British companies to also participate in the construction of a dam on the Shatt al-Arab to rid the province the salinity of the water crisis. "

For his part, Ambassador Frank Baker, "The water sector is one of the essential sectors, and our company is one of the best specialist in the field of international companies planning to implement a project in Basra," he said, adding that "Basra is active in many British companies, including companies implementing projects concerning financial services, electricity, health, oil, and looking forward to having more than the number of British companies in the province in the coming period. "

Baker pointed out that "the decline in oil prices caused an economic Iraq's problems, but it provided an opportunity for the Iraqi government to conduct economic reforms in order to have the Iraqi economy better," pointing out that "the price of oil when it was elevated once covered the economic problems, and with lower prices appeared that problems. "

Regarding the size of the diplomatic representation of the United Kingdom in Basra, the ambassador stressed that "the office of the visa there in Basra, was also open an office of the British Council in the province, and also have an office for trade and investment works in the province," adding that "it is not correct to say that the United Kingdom does not exist in Basra after the closure of its consulate. "

The province of Basra has four consulates general, is the US consulates located in the side of the Basra International Airport and back its presence to 2004, and Russia, which opened four years ago and is located near the city center Albradaah area, and in the same area there is the Iranian consulate, which opened officially in 2005, also it found in the Egyptian consulate in the same area, which opened four years ago.

And near the Egyptian consulate site was no consulate Turkish, and that the Turkish government has decided to mid-2014 closure, the second consulate are closed in the province since 2003, was preceded by the British Consulate that have been closed for reasons described as "economic" late in 2012, while it is hoped to witness the opening of the consulates of other countries in the future, including the Kuwaiti consulate, as the Kuwaiti Foreign in the past year, the nomination of the Consul General in the province, but did not officially open until now consulate located in the Corniche Road.