Parliament: the development of Iraq's domestic production puts the ministries and provinces in an awkward position

Thursday 11-02-2016 | 1:32:29

Twilight News / criticized the Presidium member of parliament Humam Hamoudi, the reluctance of ministries and provinces to deal with the domestic product, despite the development in this area.

Said Hamoudi said in a statement responded to the Twilight News, said that "the evolution of the various local industrial companies, makes the concerned ministries and provinces and the relevant authorities in an awkward position and puts more of a question mark in front of them, to their determination not to contract with a private national product with the noticeable improvement in the operational and accurate efficiency appliances, which superiority of which comes from abroad.

And download Sheikh Hamoudi through a press statement after his visit Electrical Industries Company in Diyala, "the ministries and provinces that did not deal seriously with the government's decision binding encouraging the local industry, the responsibility not to encourage the industrial sector or cooperation to emerge from the financial envelope, which is going through the country, calling for" power members of the fourth and the people of Iraq to intensify national marketing campaigns and to support direct sales of various of our industries. "

He called first deputy head of the Council, "the advisers in the prime minister to follow up the implementation of the local industry support and pressure on the authorities concerned to find out the reasons that prevent local hiring preference for foreign importer, despite its high price and lack of quality of the decision," pointing out that the national industrial companies began to give a lot of facilities, whether "payment on credit or guarantee and maintenance contracts for a long time."