Economy, security axis Abadi talks in Italy

BAGHDAD / pursue justice - 00:35 - 02/11/2016 - Hits: 27

The Prime Minister called Haider Abadi, a political solution to the Syrian crisis, and not to send ground troops to it because it will lead to a dangerous escalation of the crisis, came during his meeting yesterday with Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi in the Italian capital Rome. A statement by the Office of the Abadi "The prime minister and his Italian counterpart discussed bilateral relations and ways of enhancing them between the two countries in economic fields, and security." The statement pointed out that "Abadi said to Renzi direction of the country for the restructuring of the economy, and diversifying its sources to benefit from international expertise," and expressed gratitude for Italy's position in support of Iraqi forces in the fight against Daash, police training, and cooperation of intelligence to counter the common threat posed by terrorism to the Iraqi police training, and qualify to carry out its duties, and maintenance of the security file in the liberated particular cities. And around Mosul Dam prime minister stressed that it is important for the Iraqis, and that put it well, and we are working to reduce the water level, but national responsibility requires taking the necessary measures and precautions, and was hauling contract maintained by the Council of Ministers on the Italian company specialized, and we hope to secure the dam area and speed up the maintenance work. "The Iraqis are making impressive victories on Daash, and there are no ground forces combat non-Iraqi on the ground, and we started sending our troops to liberate Mosul, and in collaboration with her sons." For his part, Italian Prime Minister pledged his country with Iraq, praising the victories of the Iraqi forces, and the efforts of the Iraqi government, and the commitment of Italy full promotion of cooperation in the economic, security, cultural, and development projects, calling on industrialized nations to help Iraq, and its support for the restoration of status and economic strength, He expressed his admiration for the Iraqi government plans to restore areas, and to achieve stability. Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi began on Monday an official visit to Italy, and Germany, where he will meet officials of the two countries to discuss the development of economic and security cooperation, and meet the needs of Iraqi forces, weapons, military equipment and training.