Maliki: No breakthrough crises without political consensus will never relinquish the sovereignty of Iraq,
1002 2016
Head of a coalition of law-Maliki stressed the need for Iraq to political accommodation terminate the security and economic challenges.
Maliki said in a speech today at the Second Conference of the Council of the unified clans Iraq "has to be a political accord ending the state of controversies and political harassment and contributes to achieving security and works to develop the economy," he said, adding there was "no hope of a breakthrough, even if we were able to Daash and we passed the economic crisis, because achieving stability and the completion of the construction process does not happen without a commitment to joint action base. "
He pointed out that "the partnership a sound principle but we must not slip on the homeland and the citizen's interest expense, Partnership is a source of strength to rebuild Iraq but we must not only the principle of partnership on the political forces but also includes all the Iraqi people."
Maliki said "We want to invest the bounties of our country and assure everyone that Iraq is a unified country not divisible by two and rejects interference for privacy and stands sons description of one particular challenge," condemning "attempts at intervention by some regional neighboring countries in the internal affairs of Iraq."
"I do not have the right to the Ambassador of the State to interfere in issues concerning the country hosted and incites component to another, or take a position on the far from his duties domestic issues as an ambassador and a representative of the country to which it belongs," uncertain "Never accept to relinquish the sovereignty of Iraq."
Maliki noted that "Iraq still raises concerns enemies, and this is what makes us pride in our country, because he knew the history and wealth and Alrjalat so he is qualified to be a leading country in the region."
"If we keep the same strength and vigor it will not be coming challenges difficult to overcome every challenge either the security or political, economic or go away by our own power and high Hmtna"
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