Investment: mafia make money legally

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The balance of news
The Commission revealed the economy and investment representative, on Wednesday, there were laws that allow llmtnfazein and bullies buying properties and land with cheaper prices.

The head of the integrity Commission, Hassan Al-yasiri, the urgent need for concerted efforts by all to accounting from Washington and attracted public money illegally.
Committee member Jawad Kazem/balance of news, "of laws that allow llmtnfazein and bullies and hardcore traffic authority and the purchase of real estates by cheaper prices," adding that "these laws are for personal interests and does not meet public interest for Iraq."
He added, that "corruption is widespread in all State institutions but there are many things when you turn to find strictly legal, they earn money legally", calling for "legal procedures will be larger than the existing laws to limit the control of the parties to State property."
He noted that "of the formation of committees and the status monitor for not bowing to political pressure and partisan for an estate sale or use laws correctly".
And called "committees formed to implement laws and severe follow-up in order not to make corrupt passing through legal cases", stressing that "not making real estate State of corruption than the Iraq corruption".

And invited the Deputy DG, earlier, Government to undo their directions to estate sale State under the pretext of the financial crisis, stating that the measure would raise a big fuss because there are recent decisions and old (non-void) permit from his estates confiscated by getting the House uninhabitable. Ended 29/4