Zidane sworn in as President of the Court of Cassation

02/10/2016 16:07

BAGHDAD / obelisk: the judiciary announced on Wednesday that the judge ultra Zidane sworn in for the exercise of his duties as President of the Federal Court of Cassation in Iraq after the issuance of a presidential decree so.

He said the judiciary spokesman Judge Abdul Sattar Bayrakdar in a statement received Alsumaria News, a copy of which, "The republican decree appointing Special Judge ultra Zidane head of the Federal Court of Cassation in Iraq has been issued."

He said Bayraktar, said: "Zidane led the legal right appointment today at the headquarters of the federal judiciary before Judge Medhat al-Mahmoud head of the Supreme Judicial Council."

The House of Representatives voted on Saturday (February 6, 2016), to take over the high-Judge Zaidan Khalaf slave president of the Federal Cassation Court.