Government clarification on salary deductions

02/10/2016 12:12

BAGHDAD / obelisk: issued a media and government liaison office, Wednesday, clarification on deductions from the salaries of ministers and those with special grades.

The office said in a statement the demonstration, said that "some of the media picked up the statements attributed to one of the members of the House of Representatives on a decision by the Council of Ministers on the return of the deductions that were imposed on the salaries of ministers and those with special grades."

He added that "this news completely untrue," noting that "what was issued by the Council is to re-Deposit forced savings that has been passed from then Council found that savings means loading the state treasury additional burdens has adopted a deduction of 50% non-refundable."

A statement media and government liaison office that "the decision was made to return the amount trusts because the reduced salary replaced, so necessary to note."