Increased tariffs deprive the Basra Governorate Council of financial revenues

Dated: 02/10/2016 Wednesday 7:36

Follow-up / Iraq today
Members of the provincial council in Basra, reported that the injury to the land and sea border crossings paralyzed as a result of the application of the tariff law led to the failure of the Council to temporarily get 1% of imported merchandise values,
Assuring that those fees are spent on the implementation of vital projects and provide necessary assistance to the departments and institutions Alkhaddmah.oukal head of the border crossing points in the Council Murtaza cream lipodeca, "The provincial council gets fees for goods that are imported through in the province of border crossings, but the the application of the tariff law resulted in a drop ports revenues to very low levels, including fees earned by the Council. "He added lipodeca that" traders, some went to introduce their goods across the Kurdistan region of outlets for failing to apply the tariff law, others left their goods stacked in ports conservative, since they fail to remove them for refusing to new tariff ".ohdd lipodeca that" the fees earned by the provincial council directly from the almost non-existent now the border crossing points, "adding that" the Council needs to those fees for the implementation of vital projects and support institutions and departments SOA Basra ". for his part, the head of the Securities and Exchange Commission and the follow-up assignments in the Council, Sheikh Ahmad Al Sulaiti," the fees charged by the province on imported goods amounting to 1% of the total value of all goods Council, and those fees temporarily suspended due to stop importers from the output of goods of border crossings, "pointing out that" the importers are waiting for a decision from the federal government on the tariff law, and if the federal government did not decline the Council may have to make a decision in this regard. "He pointed Sulaiti to" stop obtaining those fees for a longer period would adversely affect the the work of the provincial council, "explaining that" the Council needs to revenues of this kind to spend on the support of the government departments in the province, as it suffers from significant problems due to financial distress. for example, the Department of Health is no longer able to provide meals for inpatients in public hospitals ".ofatt chairman of the Securities and Exchange Commission and the follow-up to the customizations that" the provincial council is working on a new mechanism for obtaining the amount of 1% of the goods imported values ​​of fees, which range between 15 to 20 billion annually situation. "